Mount Ti-se (Kailash), Tibet
part of a monastery, Sikkim
monastery facing lake Manasarovar, Tibet


The ’Ba’-ra-ba bKa’-brgyud-pa: Historical and Contemporary Studies. Wiener Studien zur Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde, Heft 92. Wien: Arbeitskreis für Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien.
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Where the roads from Tibet, India, and Bhutan meet: The bKa’ brgyud dgon gsar in the Chumbi valley, Zentralasiatische Studien (ZAS) 45, pp. 451-465.
The monastery bKa’ brgyud dgon gsar in the Chumbi valley: the ’Ba’ ra ba bKa’ brgyud pa school and its connection with Sikkim, Bulletin of Tibetology 50 (1+2), Special Issue: The Dragon and the Hidden Land: Social and Historical Studies on Sikkim and Bhutan, Series 2, ed. by Jenny Bentley, pp. 117-132.
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The 'Ba' ra ba Teachings reach the hidden land of ’Bras mo ljongs : Mahāsiddha dKon mchog rgyal mtshan (1601-1687) and the Taming of Demons in Chungthang, Bulletin of Tibetology, 49 (2), pp. 25-33.
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