Thoughts as door openers. Rhetoric played a central role for the ancient Greeks. In my lectures (mainly in English, but also in German and Italian) I give an insight into my research, which consists mainly of textual studies combined with field research (where possible). My aim is to stimulate critical thinking in order to enter into fruitful dialogue and debate.


Insights, glimpses, writings - The following are scientific publications. I have also written for the German-Italian street newspaper zebra. These articles are not included in the following list.

Research Experience

Every new experience brings its own maturity and a greater clarity of vision. - Indira Gandhi

Different stations have shaped my research craft and my approach to new things. Most importantly, respect, curiosity and wonder continue to be important sources of inspiration.

A Boat by which one Enters Liberation

Imagery, Unheard Voices and Religious Networks within the Barawa Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Postdoctoral Project.


To restore women to history and to restore our history to women - Joan Kelly

Join me on my personal journey through history to give women a space to celebrate their achievements and ultimately to bring them back into history.

Buddhism and the Role of Gender in Sikkim

Cultural and Religious Perspectives on Current Challenges in the Himalayas. Postdoctoral Project.

This is me

To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an ability to trust uncertain things beyond your own control. - Martha Nussbaum

My strengths are building bridges between disciplines, bringing in new perspectives and creating space for discussion.

Teaching Experience

I am very grateful to all the teachers I have had the pleasure to meet. At the same time, I appreciate the things I can learn in my life, through living, meeting people, travelling… these life lessons enrich me. I am grateful to all my teachers, especially those who are unaware that they have taught me. However, I have been able to share some of my knowledge with students myself.

Element water – source of life.

Rituals, myths, and tradition in a Buddhist society in the Himalaya. Postdoctoral Project, LMU Munich.

Glorious Riceland, gateway to Tibet

Northern Sikkim in Tibetan and Western travel reports. Postdoctoral Project, LMU Munich.

The Barawa Kagyu tradition

A journey through the centuries that reflects not only the religious history of a Buddhist tradition, but also cultural, social, political, economic and feminist aspects. The Barawa Kagyu is one of the many traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. It was founded in the 14th century and spread to Tibet, Bhutan and northern India, where it is still alive today.

Scientists for Future South Tyrol

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips. But the word sustainability has been misused for greenwashing and business-making. Let’s inform, let’s debate and let’s look to the future with purpose and sustainability.

Intersection of religion, nature and culture in the Himalayas

What is our place in nature? Can we completely detach ourselves from our environment, take ourselves out of the box? In some mountain regions, nature narratives have a significant influence on the actions of local people and decision-makers. In addition, such narratives influence and shape strong human-nature relationships.